FundingBox Webinar: Funding Opportunities for SMEs and startups under H2020

Startups and SMEs need cash to consolidate their position in a changing, global, digitalised, innovative and sustainable environment to adapt to new challenges. Have you heard about “Cascade Funding” opportunities? Don’t miss this webinar in which we will help you to find out more about European public funding opportunities and initiatives available for startups and SMEs under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission.

Where: Online – Link will be sent to attendees.

When: January 29 at 13:00 CET

The webinar is free, and there are only 200 tickets available, so hurry up and make sure you get yours asap before the event is sold out!


For any questions, get in touch by sending an email to

Webinar: Factory of the Future – Optimizing the Plant for Industrial Transformation

The Factory of the future (FoF) is a key part of every industrial transformation (IX) program. It delivers the systems needed in the factory to support IX technology, process and people. The key starting point for every FoF is data. Indeed, many factories have started that data collection through MOM, SCADA and other key manufacturing software technology. The FoF will deliver the technology to support agility, empowered workers and ever more autonomous factories.

Attendees will learn:

  • The starting points for your FoF journey
  • How to build the architecture to support FoF processes
  • Sources of data and ideas for bringing it all together
  • How to define and use Edge computing concepts in the integrated world
  • Some key technologies that you should consider in your FoF journey, including MOM, digital twins, AI and digital Lean
  • The starting points for FoF operational optimization and its expansion into the supply chain


Andrew Hughes
Principal Analyst
LNS Research


More information on the speaker and registration:  link.

Made in Europe Partnership event (EFFRA)

On Tuesday, 10th of November 2019, EFFRA organised the Made in Europe Partnership event.

Please find below the download-links to the slides which were used during the day, with background information on where we stand in the political process of the Made in Europe Partnership. Moreover, you can see the industry presentations given by Airbus and by Festo.

The day was full of exchanges and discussion. For stimulating the discussion, we also did a survey on some key questions; you can see the result here.

In the afternoon, European Commission representatives from DG Research and Innovation and from DG Connect joined us. Please read here some of the most relevant messages which they gave during their talks:

  • For the Made in Europe Roadmap, our community needs to take into account the priorities of the new European Commission.
  • By the end of February, the Made in Europe Partnership Roadmap and priorities should be finalised.
  • It is not so much the question whether there will be a Made in Europe Partnership, but rather how the budget will look like.
  • EFFRA members should talk to their national research ministries to ensure that Horizon Europe and Made in Europe receive funding. Member states have the final say when it comes to EU funding.

The European Robotics Week in Slovenia

Evropski teden robotike

We invite You to the European robotics week in Slovenia, from 16. to 26.11.2019.

European robotics week (ERW) is an event, where more than 1200 interactive events connected with the field of robotics are held through entire Europe. These events display influence of robotics to our ways of work, living and learning now and in the future, where robotics researchers on institutes, universities and industry are displaying their work. Slovenia has joined the European robotics week, displaying our own contribution to this field. Strategic research and innovation partnership of Factories of the Future (SRIP FoF), led by Jožef Stefan Institute is organizing a wide variety of events in the field of robotics.


Monday, 18th of November 2019:

    • Open doors day at the Yaskawa Kočevje factory
    • Exhibit of incubator in Kočevje

Tuesday, 19th of November 2019:

    • Future 4.0

Wednesday, 20th of November 2019:

    • SRIP FoF – Robotics exhibiton

Thursday, 21st of November 2019:

    • Open doors day at the Laboratory for industrial robotics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor

Best regards, SRIP FoF team