SRIP Tovarne Prihodnosti


“The objective of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership of the Factories of the Future is to create an open and friendly environment for the development of innovations that will be breakthrough and prospective and will go beyond the national framework. By linking partners from science and the industry and by engaging all common potentials, unprecedented opportunities for the development of new products and technologies are opening up, which will be an excellent basis for greater economic competitiveness in the international arena.

prof. dr. Jadran Lenarčič
Director of the JSI

Within the framework of the Smart Specialization Strategy, Jožef Stefan Institute is the coordinator of the Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership of the Factory of the Future (SRIP ToP). In accordance with the accepted business models and program documents SRIP ToP will work on the following focus areas:

  • robot systems and components,
  • intelligent management systems for future factories,
  • smart mechatronic tools,
  • intelligent laser systems,
  • smart plasma systems,
  • advanced sensors,
  • new materials,
  • smart factory.

We will also look after and develop six horizontal networks that provide key technologies for future factories within SRIP TOP and for other strategic development and innovation partnerships in Slovenia:

  • robotics,
  • management technologies,
  • nanotechnology,
  • photonics,
  • plasma technology,
  • modern technology for materials.

In all areas, the goal is to create pervasive products, technologies and processes for the field of future factories, which represents a central area of ​​integration of all areas, and at the same time represents a great potential for creating new business chains and creating synergies between the academic environment and interested companies. SRIP ToP will operate at the following levels:

  • as a whole,
  • through the internal establishment of business value chains or
  • vertical and horizontal networks within its framework,
  • through their enabling networks with other SRIPs.