Intelligent laser systems


With the emphasis on the development of intelligent, self-adaptive laser systems involved in the factories and clinics of the future through the Internet of Things, with the aim of enabling highly responsive and flexible production and therapy, the partners, based on their own competencies, are key to the development of the “Intelligent Laser Systems for Factories and Clinics future “, Slovenia has identified the following key development and innovation goals for digital laser-supported manufacturing machines and therapeutic devices with exceptional potential:

  • additive and adaptive systems for digital laser transfer printing and systems for cold digital processing of advanced materials,
  • innovative systems for laser processing of glass as an alternative silicon material in the semiconductor industry
  • new prototypes of laser sources with emphasis on high-power ultra-short shock lasers and power lasers in the GHz modulation field
  • New photon devices for regenerative medicine, contactless and non-destructive diagnostics and digital-controlled therapy of disease states
  • Intelligent and adaptive teranostatic devices and entire value chains in the field of teranostics
  • a multifunctional piconosecond laser system for treating pigmentary lesions
  • Intelligent dermatological laser system with digital-controlled skin irregularity therapy
  • Intelligent laser medical systems with simultaneous visual and thermal monitoring of therapy
  • Medical combined multilevel laser systems
  • innovative medical laser systems with timed output that adapts to the dynamic interaction between laser light and tissue
  • Diode-pumped power laser systems for regenerative medicine of large skin and mucosal surfaces
  • special active and passive optical fibers of the next generation
  • smart, effective and safe therapeutic medical devices with integrated feedback loop detection systems
  • New cost-optimized short-range lasers with high robustness
  • a new generation of laser devices for ophthalmic procedures based on diode pumping

The existing cross-sectional areas have been concentrated mainly within photonics and nanotechnology.

Within the SRIP factories of the future, there are new cross-sectional areas with horizontal networks such as robotics, control technologies, modern production technology for materials as well as within  vertical value chains such as advanced sensors, smart mechatronic tools, smart machines, robotic systems and components.
New cross-sectional areas are also within other SRIPs- such as Smart Cities and Communities (ICT) and Health – Medicine.


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