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Robotski sistemi in komponente

Ensuring greater flexibility of robotic systems is the main motivation for many new research in the field of robotics. It is necessary to increase the flexibility of robots and to shorten the time needed for their layout and startup when the product changes. To this end, new mechatronics solutions must be found, for example, in the field of intelligent sensor-driven drives, automatic reconfiguration, robotic sensors, robotic vision and touch, guidance and learning. Introducing i.e. Collaborative robots will enable robotization in factories outside of highly automated industrial production lines, for example, assembly, where the work process will be carried out in cooperation with workers with robots.

We have identified the following focusing professional robotic fields in which we expect further development based on our activities:

  • field of advanced robotic components encompasses mechatronic devices for robotics, advanced sensor-based robotic control systems, smart robot effectors, laser and visual systems in robotics, 
  • field of advanced robotic systems encompasses cognitive robotic systems, advanced interfaces human-robot, two- and multi-arm robotic systems, robot diagnostics, mobile robotic platforms, mini-, micro-, and nano-robotic systems, 
  • field of advanced robot control encompasses robot force control, 2D/3D robot vision for adaptive control and quality control, advanced robot teaching and programming, 
  • field of advanced robotization and flexible manufacturing encompasses collaborative robotics, reconfigurable/modular robotic systems, robot tending, assembly, welding, etc., robotized laser machine cells, 
  • field of advanced robotic technologies and industry digitalization encompasses linking of robotic systems and communications, robotic applications and Internet of Things, supervisory systems in robotics, linking of robotic systems and logistics, simulation models and business models.

doc. dr. IGOR KOVAČ

E1,  Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics
Jamova cesta 39,
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Mail: igor.kovac(at)
     +386 1 477 3596

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