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Intelligent control systems

The challenge of the field of control technology in the context of the factories of the future is mainly in the integration of existing support information products (sensors, actuators, I / O interfaces, SCADA, MES, ERP systems) and newly developed building blocks that will integrate this with the aim of increasing the overall efficiency of production intelligent communication interfaces, platforms for linking between different databases, data analysis agents, cloud architecture, etc.). The priority directions of research and development in the field of management technology are therefore directed towards the development of various building blocks for stronger integration of the physical and digital world in the factories of the future, the development of new procedures for automatic, comprehensive and depth analysis of product quality, the development of new procedures for the ongoing assessment of the “fitness” devices and the development of new powerful tools for mining information on production. Therefore, the development and use of management technology, as one of the most important ICT branches, is now integrated into practically all the global trends of development and innovation in the world.

The priority directions of development in the field of “Intelligent Control Systems for ToP” focus on the following technological areas:

  • Intelligent Production Management Systems (MES – MOM). In this context, the emphasis will be on the development of methods of production analytics, the development of advanced modules for the MES-MOM system, support for decision-making in the management and scheduling of production operations, and the on-line optimization of server systems through on-line simulation.
  • Diagnostics, prognostics and self-maintenance of smart machines. In this area, this is a direction for predictive maintenance, which, in comparison with periodic maintenance, ensures more cost-effective equipment management and an increase in overall process efficiency. This can be achieved only by means of appropriate non-invasive control systems that generate real-time estimation of the state and remaining life of the devices (Prognostics and Health Management – PHM).
  • Development of modern tools and building blocks for the management and control of systems and processes. The research and development focus will be on building blocks and services in factories for microelectronic lithography based on accelerators and high-performance security process systems.
  • Distributed management systems and IoT. The currently envisaged guidelines relate to the development of various building blocks for remote sensing and control, sensor and actuator networks, IoT in industrial automation and infrastructure, and web management and control.
  • Smart actuators. It is a direction that, on the one hand, is connected with the installation of a higher level of intelligence into individual actuators (motors, valves, flaps, etc.), which increases their independence. On the other hand, it is about increasing the connectivity of actuators according to the IoT concept. The current research and development focus is on special valves and EC motors.

The existing cross-sectional areas have been concentrated mainly within control technologies, robotics and smart mechatronic tools.
Within the SRIP Factories of the Future ,  new cross-sectional areas are formed with horizontal networks as photonics, modern production technologies for materials, as well with vertical value chains such as smart mechatronic tools, smart factory, robotic systems and components, advanced sensors.
More widely,  new cross-sectional areas are potentially interesting  within  SRIPs such as Smart cities and communities (ICTs), Smart buildings and home with a wood chain and Networks for the transition to a circular economy.


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