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Nanotechnology has increasingly important role in everyday life. Nanomaterials allow targeted development of innovative products with special properties. This may contribute to the construction of new high-performance energy storage systems and lightweight components that are relevant to the areas of mobility and energy.

Nano electronic components enable fast data processing applications in Industry 4.0.
Newly developed microscopic methods allow, for example, determining the impact of deformation in the wear of materials, which is important for the development of finished products.
In the industrial production nanotechnology helps in the process of miniaturization of products and intelligent automation of production processes, which brings new challenges in terms of equipment and organization of production.
Technology of sensors has an extremely wide range of applications from smart devices and controlling systems to bio-nano sensors.
Successes are forseen in the field of health and medical diagnostics where nanomaterials can be used for the controlled delivery of drugs.

Innovative potential of nanotechnology needs to be developed responsible, ensuring safe and environmentally sound use based on national and international standards, implementation of the internationalization liaison activities and open dialogue with the public.

In horizontal network Nanotechnologies we will identify existing competences and capabilities which emerged in Slovenia in recent years on priority areas where we anticipate value chains pre-defined in various strategic innovation partnerships:

(1) Smart sensors and nano-sensor structures for industrial, biomedical and environmental applications,
(2) Smart surface coatings from construction to the medicine
(3) Components for industry and medical applications
(4) Smart nanotech-based systems for sustainable environment and energy.


doc.dr.Matjaž Spreitzer

doc. dr. Matjaž Spreitzer

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