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Competence Centre KC STV

The technology network “Process Management Technology” has been connecting public research institutions and companies in the transfer of knowledge and technologies to industrial practice and in the development of products and services for sale on the market since 2002. Since 2007, it has been organized as a strategic consortium. Currently, there are 10 companies and 4 academic institutions. All the most important JROs are involved in the integration (more than 90% of basic and applied research in management technology in Slovenia are carried out within their research groups) and central Slovenian engineering companies, which together account for more than 70% of the services market in this field. Among the users of these services are all major and respected Slovenian companies and many foreign companies.

The network activity is carried out in consortium research and development projects of research institutions and companies of operators and users of users; its strategic focus is networking modes of knowledge transfer in the innovation system.

In 2003, the Technology Network prepared a development strategy in the field of management technology (automation, computerization and cybernetization), which has since then been supplemented and implemented from time to time in the context of major research and development projects.

Since its founding, it has organized and managed three major Slovenian projects:

  • STVP – Modern management technologies for increasing competitiveness, 2004-2006, 26 partners, EUR 5.4 million
  • CO STV – Center of excellence for modern management technologies, 2004-2007, 19 partners, EUR 1.35 million
  • KC STV – Competence Center for Contemporary Control Technologies, 2011-2013, 17 partners, EUR 9.36 million

and participated in the organization and implementation of several other important domestic and international projects. All of the projects listed above were linked by business partners and research and educational institutions.

In recent years, the most important role has been the Competence Center for Contemporary Control Technologies (KC STV), which represented the largest research and development project in the field of technology (automation, computerization and cybernetization) of systems, processes and devices. KC STV has linked 17 partners from the economy and the public research sector. In addition to the ARI Center, which coordinated and developed the competence center, 4 additional academic partners, 7 engineering companies in the field of automation and informatization and 5 production companies – users of management technology participated in KC STV.

During its operation, KC STV has achieved a number of results, which are characterized by their innovation, diversity and the influence they either already have or will have on the technological and economic development of Slovenia. 33 new technological solutions were created within the center (28 planned), of which 14 were tested and demonstrated in the form of demonstration projects (planned 5). The innovativeness of the solution is reflected in the fact that it has been filed or is in the process of investing five patent applications (planned 3) and 18 innovations (planned 10). In addition, more than 50 scientific and professional publications, 1 new business model, 2 training workshops, 1 new Lifelong Learning Program and one to two spin-offs were added to the Center.

The Council of the Technology Network of TM TVP decided in 2016 that, in order to ensure the continuation of successful work at the Competence Center, the Institute Competence Center for Contemporary Control Technologies (shortened KC STV Institute) was established as the project organization of the network for the preparation of proposals for consortium projects, coordinating the implementation of consortium projects and joint tasks, and cooperation in the introduction of the developed technology solutions in which the network is a stakeholder, on the market.

 The KC STV Institute was established by all industrial partners in TM TVP and is a legal entity that will be a beneficiary in the framework of which SRIP activities will be carried out on the horizontal network “Management Technology” and the vertical chain of values ​​”Intelligent Control Systems for ToP”.