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Tecos Ltd

TECOS Center for Tools development – TECOS is a technology center established as a private law institute in 1994, on the initiative of Slovenian toolmakers by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Municipality of Celje and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. With its rich and long-standing tradition in the development of new products, tools and technologies, today is a development partner for many manufacturing companies in metal processing and other industries in Slovenia, Europe and internationally. TECOS is integrated into all branches of the manufacturing industry, specializing in the design, optimization and development of parts, processes, materials and the entire production system and its individual assemblies. It offers integrated enterprise solutions to key companies in the development of products, including designing a product based on the idea, advanced computer-based analysis, prototyping, and installing production processes for serial production on the spot. In addition to extremely good references in the field of processing polymeric materials (thermo or duroplastic systems), composites, metal materials, automation of industrial plants, development of environmentally friendly products and the use of modern CAE technologies, the development center of toolmaking also has its own laboratory where it develops testing and introducing new processing technologies and the manufacture of polymeric, (nano) composite, hybrid and metallic materials and other system solutions that include energy and cost-optimized production systems. TECOS is the only competent center in Slovenia that has a wide range of basic and applied knowledge to take on the development of integrated products and advanced and modern prototype technologies in the field of metal, polymer and composite materials processing.

International and national networks TECOS creates through numerous research and development projects obtained through international and national financial schemes; MGRT, MIZŠ, SPIRIT, ARRS, 5 – 7 OP, EUREKA, EUROSTARS,, Erasmus +, LIFE, CSD, H2020 and others. As a R & I partner or an umbrella association of the tool industry, TECOS has already carried out over 85 projects, at least 15 of them belonging to the European Operational Program.

In addition to the priority area of ​​R & D activities, TECOS is also lead by the main interest association of Slovenian toolmakers, which currently brings together 67 members, both from the research and the corporate sector for tooling and processing technologies. Indeed, member firms are aware that knowledge and cooperation are crucial in today’s dynamic and information society. On the basis of ESCA benchmarking, we have recently received a bronze mark for excellence in the quality of the management and management of the association – “Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE – Striving for Cluster Excellence”.

The management of TECOS has thus gained an overview of its own strengths, weaknesses and, above all, the opportunities for further development towards excellence in business and the development of services for its corporate networks. TECOS also acts as a coordinator of activities for Slovenia at the International Tool Organization Association ISTMA. TECOS is also authorized by the Slovenian Government to represent Slovenia in the EU’s S3 Smart Specialization Platform for Industrial Modernization (S3P-IM) initiative (, which is headed by a thematic area “Production Performance Monitoring Systems”. Slovenia also coordinates the operation of the Manufuture.EU Technology Platform.


Indication of major projects:


  • FP7: Development of Injection and Blow Extrusion Molded Biodegradable and Multifunctional Packages by Nanotechnology: Improving Structural and Barrier Properties, Smart Features and Sustainability – DIBBIOPACK
  • FP7: Smart Vital Signs and Accident Monitoring System for Motorcyclists Embedded in Helmets and Garments for eCall Adaptive Emergency Assistance and Health Analysis Monitoring – i-VITAL
  • FP7: Automated Pollution Inspection Scanning System for Soil using a robotic vehicle – POLLINS
  • LIFE2016: Revalorization strategies within the circular economy for the use of citrus waste in green packaging and cosmetics – CITRUSPACK
  • Operational program Slovenia-Austria, Development of the PolyRegion by merging the capacities in R & D and industry, especially small-to-medium-sized businesses in the field of polymer technology to expand the knowledge base, the infrastructure and the competitive capacity – PolyRegion
  • INTERREG Mediterranean Program: Synergies for Green Growth Initiative – SYNGGI

 Projects run by the beneficiary and involving at least two different stakeholders from the knowledge triangle (business, science, education):

  • Operational Program Slovenia-Austria, Coordinated proactive cross-border operation, aiming to intensify economically successful R & D & I activity and increase competitiveness in Polyregion – PolyRegion – Pro.Act
  • Erasmus + Sector Skills Alliances, KA2: Eco-Innovation Skills for European Designers – ECOSIGN
  • Public call for co-financing the establishment of competence centers for human resources development for the period 2017 to 2018: Competence Center for Personnel Development in Toolmaking – KOR