Webinar: Factory of the Future – Optimizing the Plant for Industrial Transformation

The Factory of the future (FoF) is a key part of every industrial transformation (IX) program. It delivers the systems needed in the factory to support IX technology, process and people. The key starting point for every FoF is data. Indeed, many factories have started that data collection through MOM, SCADA and other key manufacturing software technology. The FoF will deliver the technology to support agility, empowered workers and ever more autonomous factories.

Attendees will learn:

  • The starting points for your FoF journey
  • How to build the architecture to support FoF processes
  • Sources of data and ideas for bringing it all together
  • How to define and use Edge computing concepts in the integrated world
  • Some key technologies that you should consider in your FoF journey, including MOM, digital twins, AI and digital Lean
  • The starting points for FoF operational optimization and its expansion into the supply chain


Andrew Hughes
Principal Analyst
LNS Research


More information on the speaker and registration:  link.