Made in Europe Partnership event (EFFRA)

On Tuesday, 10th of November 2019, EFFRA organised the Made in Europe Partnership event.

Please find below the download-links to the slides which were used during the day, with background information on where we stand in the political process of the Made in Europe Partnership. Moreover, you can see the industry presentations given by Airbus and by Festo.

The day was full of exchanges and discussion. For stimulating the discussion, we also did a survey on some key questions; you can see the result here.

In the afternoon, European Commission representatives from DG Research and Innovation and from DG Connect joined us. Please read here some of the most relevant messages which they gave during their talks:

  • For the Made in Europe Roadmap, our community needs to take into account the priorities of the new European Commission.
  • By the end of February, the Made in Europe Partnership Roadmap and priorities should be finalised.
  • It is not so much the question whether there will be a Made in Europe Partnership, but rather how the budget will look like.
  • EFFRA members should talk to their national research ministries to ensure that Horizon Europe and Made in Europe receive funding. Member states have the final say when it comes to EU funding.