Check the Smart Anything Everywhere platform

The Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) Initiative alignes different projects (so-called Innovation Actions) in various Technology Areas such as:

  • Cyber-physical and embedded systems
  • Customised Low Energy Computing powering Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things
  • Flexible and wearable electronics/Organic Large Area Electronics
  • Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

All Innovation Actions (IAs) offer funding to SMEs and mid-caps to enhance their products and services through the inclusion of innovative digital technologies.

Companies can apply for funding via Open Calls in their corresponding Technology Areas. Guidelines on how to apply for funding and application documents are provided by every Innovation Action directly. Click here for general information on funding.

All-in-all, 64M€ of funding will be available for the Innovation Actions stimulating the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European industry – especially SMEs and mid-caps – in products that include innovative electronic components, software and systems, especially in sectors where digital technologies are underexploited.

Need more information on their current Open Calls that offer funding? Click here to find the Open Calls.

Interested in projects and companies that have already been funded? Then have a look at their success stories and be inspired for your next project with SAE!