2. HIA call: Service providers (deadline on 29th of December)

In scope of the HIA project, funded by the European Comission and coordinated by TECOS with the help of SRIP FoF and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, we are launching the second call for expression of interest, where we invite interested companies with relevant Industry 4.0 references to apply. This is the second of the overall three open calls within this project.

The High-Impact Action (HIA) consists of the piloting of a “transformative mechanism”. HIA has a focus on development of a physical and virtual platform for piloting and demonstrating modular and reconfigurable cells across various industries. When complete this platform will bring together equipment, resources, expertise, people from a broad range of organisations (research and technology organisations, centres of excellence, SMEs, corporates, etc.) specialising in industry 4.0 development and deployment.

After this call for service provider, the third HIA call, awarding vouchers to 5 companies, will be launched. The call-winning SMEs will be able to use the vouchers to pay for the services of projects service providers which will enable them to upgrade their production cells to be more efficient, reconfigurable, interconnected and modular. The purpose of this is to draw lessons from individual cases and extract specifications for a forementioned physical platform.

HIA call for Service Providers

Please read the call for additional information or contact us via simona.vernon@tecos.si or matic.erzen@ijs.si.

The deadline for submission is 29th of December  2020.

The project is co-financed by the European Union.